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Hosiery by Style Hosiery by Style

Looking for compression garments in a particular Style?

Select from the options below for a full listing of our compression garments in each category.
Always ensure you purchase compression hosiery of the appropriate Class and Size.    Compression Hosiery should be seen as a long term plan for the releif of leg symptoms. 


Womens Below Knee Socks
Womens Below Knee Socks
Womens Thigh-length Stockings
Womens Thigh-length Stockings
Womens Thigh + waist attachment
Womens Thigh + waist attachment
Womens Tights
Womens Tights
Womens Maternity Tights
Womens Maternity Tights
Mens Below Knee Socks
Mens Below Knee Socks
Mens Thigh-length  Hosiery
Mens Thigh-length Hosiery

Advice Tip:
Always remember to buy a spare pair of stockings; So you have one to wear whilst one is in the wash.

WARNING! Always consult a Medical Professional before wearing Compression Support hosiery.

For an informative look at Compression levels and the various definitions and gradings currently in use;  Click here to Download our Compression Guide 

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