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With contacts throughout the industry; we can offer discounted rates on a range of new and used healthcare equipment, including Laser Generators and Ultrasound Scanners.

See also our selection of Clinic Equipment and Furniture from the left hand category menu.

We have given details here of just some of the equipment available, so please contact us with your specific requirements for an individualised quotation.
Brand New Equipment
Brand New Equipment


Do you own a Medical Laser Treatment clinic ?

Would you be interested in inclusion in a free Laser Treatment Clinic Directory ?

Simply purchase your consumables through and we'll promotoe you in our Laser Treatment Clinic Directory and Patient Portal.

Contact us by email or telephone to discuss this exciting (and 100% FREE) opportunity

 Additionally, Beehive Healthcare Solutions can provide your laser clinic with the option of a range of Laser Rental schemes, to suit your requirements.  If you don't want to own your own Medical Laser, we cn rent you one by the session, day, week or month, to allow you to maximise its usage and minimise your costs.  check out our Medical Laser rental packages, or talk to us for more information.


Remember, for best possible prices on our range of Disposable, single use, surgical Instruments, and the rest of our clinic consumables; you'll need to "Create An Account" and then "Log-In", to access our NHS and Healthcare Staff prices.
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Instrument, by Category                  Instrument, by Modality                  Instrument Packs            
Procedure Packs                               Diathermy Instruments                   Dissector & Elevator         
Forcep                                    Hook & Probe                                   Needle Holder   
Retractor                                            Scalpel                                   Scissor         
Speculum                                           Sponge Holder                                  Suction Tube          
Plastic Polywear                        Miscellaneous Instruments              Dental Instruments    
Dermatology Instruments                 ENT Instruments                            General Surgery Instruments    
Gynaecology Instruments                 Obstetrics Instruments                   Podiatry, Chiropody Instruments    
Ophthalmic Instruments                    Vascular Instruments                     Vascular Surgery Instruments    
Compression Hosiery                         Staff Uniform                                   Thermal Paper  
Ultrasound Gel                                   Ultrasound probe covers                 Endovenous Laser      
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