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Disposable Instruments                  Re-usable Instruments                    Gowns & Drapes                   
Compression Hosiery                       Staff Uniform                                     Thermal Paper                          
Ultrasound Gel                                  Ultrasound probe covers                  Endovenous Laser    
Instrument, by Category                  Instrument, by Modality                   Instrument Packs            
Procedure Packs                              Diathermy Instruments                    Dissector & Elevator         
Forcep                                    Hook & Probe                                    Needle Holder   
Retractor                                           Scalpel                                   Scissor         
Speculum                                          Sponge Holder                                  Suction Tube          
Plastic Polywear                       Miscellaneous                                   Dental Instruments    
Dermatology Instruments                ENT Instruments                              General Surgery Instruments    
Gynaecology Instruments               Obstetrics Instruments                   Podiatry, Chiropody Instruments    
Ophthalmic Instruments                  Vascular Instruments                      scrubs       
Laser Generator                   Laser Ablation Fibres                       Tunics – Female               
Trousers – Female                           Dresses                                             Tunics – Male                             
Trousers – Male                        Maternity                                           Uniform Accessories


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