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Q & A Disposable Instruments
Why use Single use, Disposable, Instruments
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HRT Hormone Implant Needle (3 Part) Trocar
HRT Hormone Implant Needle (3 Part) Trocar
Q & A Disposable Instruments

Why use Single Use, Disposable, Instruments?

Single Use, Disposable, Instruments can prove to be more cost effective than their reusable equivalents; not only in cost but also in time for the Clinical Practitioners.
For example, Single Use Forceps cost approximately £1.50 on average. Reprocessing costs for a reusable Forcep is aroiund £1.75, the difference will prove significant savings.
Time is saved by not having to send instruments to and from the reprocessing centre.

in addition, there are no more worries about legal liability for reprocessing and sterility, since this lies with the provider, subject to following the manufacturers guidelines.

Budgetary planning is made easier because there full cost is known for each procedure.


How much does it cost to dispose of a single use instrument?

1kg of Clinical Waste costs approximately £0.76 to dispose of, most single instruments weight less than 50 grams, costing less than 1p each to dispose of.


How do we dispose of Single Use Instruments?

You should follow your clinical waste policy, for example you place, any sharp instrument in a sharps bin, and place the other instruments back in the tray, and then in the packet the instruments came in. Seal the packet and place it in a Clinical waste bag for incineration.


Can I have a Custom Made Pack?

We can make any type of bespoke pack from the most basic to the most comprehensive for example, Hip Replacement Pack.

The minimum order is 200 packs per annum.


You do not have the product I require listed on your website, do you sell it?

If the product is not currently in our range please contact us with details of the product you require and we will endeavour to source it for you as not all of our products are on the website.

Contact us by email  or call us on 020 8550 9108


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