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HRT Hormone Implant Needle (3 Part) Trocar
HRT Hormone Implant Needle (3 Part) Trocar
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Disposable Instruments Disposable Instruments

High quality, Single Use, Disposable,
Surgical Instruments
from Beehive Medical Solutions.

Single use, Disposable, surgical instruments eliminate the risk of cross infection, whilst offering a lower cost solution than re-sterilisation or re-usable instruments.

Beehive Medical Solutions can provide everything from individual single use, disposable, instruments, to full disposable procedure packs. We are also able to produce Bespoke Disposable Instrument Packs, allowing you to dictate exactly which single use instruments and accessories you want included.

To simplify your ordering, you can select from the: Category of Instrument, Instrument Modality;  or you can select from a range of Instrument Packs and Procedure Packs

 For information on why you should use single use, disposable, instruments, CLICK HERE


Instrument, by Category
Instrument, by Category
Procedure Packs
Procedure Packs


Remember, for best possible prices on our range of Disposable, single use, surgical Instruments and Procedure Packs, you'll need to "Create An Account" and then "Log-In", to access our NHS and Healthcare Staff prices.

All Beehive Medical Solutions single use, disposable, surgical instruments are clearly labelled for single use and are CE marked.

 All our disposable instruments are supplied individually wrapped and sterile with full 'trace me' functionality.

Every item of the ‘Beehive Medical Solutions’ Single Use, Disposable, Surgical Instrument range is individually traceable all the way back to its production date and batch, with a Trace ID Number clearly printed on the item wrapper label.


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Instrument, by Category                  Instrument, by Modality                  Instrument Packs            
Procedure Packs                               Diathermy Instruments                   Dissector & Elevator         
Forcep                                    Hook & Probe                                   Needle Holder   
Retractor                                            Scalpel                                   Scissor         
Speculum                                           Sponge Holder                                  Suction Tube          
Plastic Polywear                        Miscellaneous Instruments              Dental Instruments    
Dermatology Instruments                 ENT Instruments                            General Surgery Instruments    
Gynaecology Instruments                 Obstetrics Instruments                   Podiatry, Chiropody Instruments    
Ophthalmic Instruments                    Vascular Instruments                     Vascular Surgery Instruments    
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Ultrasound Gel                                   Ultrasound probe covers                 Endovenous Laser      
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