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Delivery Pack - Set of 25
Delivery Pack - Set of 25
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Venosan Venosan

When you select compression hosiery from 'Venosan' you are not simply ordering a medical compression stocking - you are selecting a product which has undergone more than 60 years of development by a specialist manufacturer.

The Venosan range represents the pinnacle of compression hosiery design. In addition to the medical benefits, Venosan offers outstanding comfort, looks and patient compliance.
The venosan range of compression hosiery has been prescribed by Vascular Surgeons in the UK for the treatment of ambulatory patients with venous disorders for more the 20 years.

May your selection from the product ranges shown below.

Advice Tip:
Always remember to buy a spare pair of compression socks; So you have one to wear whilst one is in the wash.

WARNING! Always consult a Medical Professional before wearing Compression Support hosiery.

Venosan 7000
Venosan 7000
Venosan 4000
Venosan 4000
Venosan Legline
Venosan Legline
Venosan MicroFiberLine
Venosan MicroFiberLine
Venosan Silverline
Venosan Silverline
Venosan Application Aid
Venosan Application Aid

Be sure to consult trained medical personnel before wearing compression hosiery.

For correct measurements it is very important to take your time and proceed systematically. Whenever possable, the measurements should be taken when the leg is rested and not swollen. The measurements should in any case be taken with the patient standing

"Support Factor" is the same thing as the compression, in mmHg at the ankle.


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