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Colposcopy Diathermy Loops & Balls
A range of Surgical Bipolar Diathermy Forceps and Monopolar Finger switches, used during Minor Surgical Operations.
No Surgical Department or Minor Surgery Practice can operate now-a-days without the use of a range of diathermy instruments to cauterise blood vessels.
At Beehive Medical Solutions, we have available a range of high quality, surgical, bipolar diathermy forceps, along with a monopolar finger switch, as part of our comprehensive range disposable, single use surgical instruments.
Used in a complete range of minor procedures, all of our diathermy instruments are sterilised and packed in the UK and are supplied to NHS Trust, PCT and private sector clients across the country.
The Beehive Medical Solutions Diathermy range of disposable instruments can be ordered as stand-alone items or, they can be included as part of a custom surgical pack containing all the surgical instruments and wound care products required for a given procedure.

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 Bipolar Diathermy Adson Forcep 15cm x 0.5mm Tip   Bipolar Diathermy Adson Forcep 15cm x 0.5mm Tip   18.00   0.40   View More 
 Bipolar Diathermy McPherson Forcep 10cm x 0.5mm tip   Bipolar Diathermy McPherson Forcep 10cm x 0.5mm tip   18.00   0.40   View More 
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"Diathermy" is a surgical technique where the flow of electricity is used to generate heat ,which is then in turn used to cut tissue or to seal (cauterize) bleeding vessels.
Diathermy works by passing a standard electrical current through the diathermy generator and converting it into a high frequency alternating current (HFAC), which produces the heat.

There are two basic types of diathermy:

  1. Monopolar diathermy:  The electric current is passed from an active electrode, into the patient's body tissues and then returned back to the diathermy generator via another electrode known as the 'dispersive electrode' or Patient Return Pad.
  2. Bipolar diathermy:   The electric current from the diathermy generator ipasses down one prong of a bipolar forcep, through the patient's tissue that has been placed in between both diathermy forcep prongs and is returned to the diathermy machine through the second prong.

 At Beehive Medical Solutions, we have a full range of single use instruments and tools for both Monopolar Diathermy and Bipolar Diathermy surgical procedures.

Remember, for best possible prices on our range of Disposable, single use, surgical Instruments, you'll need to "Create An Account" and then "Log-In", to access our NHS and Healthcare Staff prices.
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