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Podiatry, Chiropody Instruments Our Products
A range of disposable Podiatry (Chiropody) Instruments.
Instruments designed for Podiatry (Chiropody)Procedures.
Our specialist medical tools are ideal for all aspects of Podiatry (Chiropody) techniques.

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 Beaver Blade Handle with Finger Lock Grip 10cm   Beaver Blade Handle with Finger Lock Grip 10cm   1.70   0.15   View More 
 Canterlever Nail Nippers 16cm   Canterlever Nail Nippers 16cm   9.00   0.25   View More 
 Diamond Deb File   Diamond Deb File   1.45   0.10   View More 
 Ingrown Nail Surgery Pack   Ingrown Nail Surgery Pack   5.50   0.45   View More 
 Metal Foot Dresser - 20cm   Metal Foot Dresser - 20cm   1.45   0.15   View More 
 Nail File, Blacks - Double Ended   Nail File, Blacks - Double Ended   1.60   0.10   View More 
 Nail File, Blacks - Medium Single End   Nail File, Blacks - Medium Single End   1.60   0.10   View More 
 Nail File, Blacks - Medium Single End - box of 50   Nail File, Blacks - Medium Single End - box of 50   71.20   2.50   View More 
 Nail Surgery Pack   Nail Surgery Pack   6.80   0.50   View More 
 Operating Dressing Scissors Sharp/Blunt 12.5cm   Operating Dressing Scissors Sharp/Blunt 12.5cm   1.25   0.15   View More 
 Podiatry Assistant Pack - Economy   Podiatry Assistant Pack - Economy   3.70   0.20   View More 
 Podiatry Assistant Pack - Economy x 100   Podiatry Assistant Pack - Economy x 100   3.70   0.20   View More 
 Podiatry Basic Pack -  Economy   Podiatry Basic Pack - Economy   3.80   0.20   View More 
 Podiatry Basic Pack -  Economy - Box of 100   Podiatry Basic Pack - Economy - Box of 100   3.80   0.15   View More 
 Podiatry Pack Plastic Blade - Economy   Podiatry Pack Plastic Blade - Economy   3.80   0.20   View More 
 Podiatry Pack Plastic Blade - Economy x 100   Podiatry Pack Plastic Blade - Economy x 100   3.80   0.20   View More 
 Tube Gauze Applicator - Large x 50   Tube Gauze Applicator - Large x 50   1.45   0.05   View More 
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 We look forward to seeing you at our trade stand at:

Kettering Conference Centre.     Northamptonshire        June 11 & 12
Foot Health is the biggest independent podiatry conference in UK. 
See presentations on:     diabetes,  online marketing,  clinical waste management,  practice management,  acupuncture,  plantar fasciitis  &  biomechanics.
A separate optional workshop programme will be available for more practical sessions including new techniques for treating fungal nails, treating heel pain, cosmetic nail reconstruction and Diabetic Foot Assessments. 
FREE CAR PARKING                  Fees for both days only £12 + vat.
Remember, for best possible prices on our range of Disposable, single use, surgical Instruments, you'll need to "Create An Account" and then "Log-In", to access our NHS and Healthcare Staff prices.
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