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A full range of Sony Thermal Paper, at the lowest price on, or off, the web.

Sony Printer Papers deliver world-class images on durable paper used in their powerful dye sublimation printers and black and white thermal printers.
Sony Printing technology, combined with quality media, provides the protection you need against environmental factors such as light, heat and humidity.
For an individualised quotation on a full range of Sony Thermal Printers, pleasec ontact us with details of the model required.

Our most popular range is the110mm black & white; sony UPP 110HD and Sony UPP110HG

Full details of the Sony Thermal Paper range, and the printers for which each thermal film is compatible, are to be found in the Sony Print Media brochure

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 Sony UPP 110 HD (110HD) Thermal Film   Sony UPP 110 HD (110HD) Thermal Film   135.00   2.00   View More 
 Sony UPP 110 HG (110HG) Thermal Film   Sony UPP 110 HG (110HG) Thermal Film   135.00   2.00   View More 
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