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Delivery Pack - Set of 25
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Venosan 4000 Venosan 4000
Always remember to buy two, one to wear one to wash.

WARNING! Always consult a Medical Professional before wearing Compression Support hosiery.

The Venosan 4000 is manufactured in a refined sandwich construction and is the first compression stocking in the world to be awarded the TactelR climate effect label.

The Benefit to the patient:
The air permeable yarns and knitted construction of the Venosan 4000 offers maximum comfort and there by a better quality of life.

Better elasticity - easier to put on:
New technology has led to the energy/stretch curve of the Venosan 4000 being much flatter - meaning that less energy is needed to stretch the stocking. This has the effect of making the Venosan 4000 much easier to put on, without degrading the manner in which it perfectly hugs the contours of the leg.

More Practical - Only four sizes.
The Venosan 4000 comes in four sizes and only one length. It can cover, for example, ankle circumferences from 19-23cm with only one size. Competitive products need three separate sizes to cover the same ankle circumferences. This means that 90% of all patients can be fitted immediately and without complication with a Venosan 4000 stocking. In addition, your stock-holding can be greatly reduced.

 To ensure the correct size is purchased; always check the Venosan 4000 Size Chart before ordering


Class 1 Compression
Class 1 Compression
Class 2 Compression
Class 2 Compression


See the difference Tactel Fibre Technology makes to the prmeability of the stocking;

 (There is no sound on this Venosan video).


Be sure to consult trained medical personnel before wearing compression hosiery.

For correct measurements it is very important to take your time and proceed systematically. Whenever possible, the measurements should be taken when the leg is rested and not swollen. The measurements should in any case be taken with the patient standing.
Check measurements with the Venosan 4000 Size Chart

"Support Factor" is the same thing as the compression, in mmHg at the ankle.


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