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Venosan 7000 Venosan 7000
Always remember to buy two, one to wear one to wash.

WARNING! Always consult a Medical Professional before wearing Compression Support hosiery.

The All-New VENOSAN® 7000 range.

 VENOSAN® 7000 are characterised as shaping, opaque compression stockings with high stiffness.
Thanks to their durability they are especially suitable for people who demand a lot from their stockings; at work, in sports and in their leisure time.
VENOSAN® 7000 contains 'SeaCell® active', a cellulose fibre with natural, untreated brown algae and silver ions. In ancient Chinese medicine it was already well-known that these seaweeds contain a high proportion of different minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.
The silver content of SeaCell® active allows a positive influence on the skin flora. Numerous tests at different institutes have confirmed positive results and proved the ”SeaCell® active effect”:
The antibacterial effect is a permanent feature of SeaCell® active is retained even after 150 washing cycles.
Skin-friendly: The SeaCell® active fibre has no cytotoxic effects. SeaCell® active fibre does not cause any allergic or irritative reactions in sensitive skin.
To ensure correct fitting, always check the Venosan 7000 Size Chart before ordering


Class 2 Compression
Class 2 Compression
Class 3 Compression
Class 3 Compression


See the difference Tactel Fibre Technology makes to the prmeability of the stocking; 

Be sure to consult trained medical personnel before wearing compression hosiery.


(For correct measurements it is very important to take your time and proceed systematically. Whenever possible, the measurements should be taken when the leg is rested and not swollen. The measurements should in any case be taken with the patient standing.
Check measurements with the Venosan 7000 Size Chart

"Support Factor" is the same thing as the compression, in mmHg at the ankle.


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