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Dental Mirror

Single-use, disposable, Dental Mirror

The Dental Mirror is used a visual aid in most Dental Examinations.

These Dental Mirrors have a rounded handle shaft, for easier rotation in use.

The Dental Mirror is made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, CE Marked, Single Use and Disposable.

The Dental Mirror is Individually sterilised and packaged.

The Dental Mirror is available to purchase as a single item. No need to bulk buy you dental mirrors.


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Background information:

A dental mirror (which may also be known as a mouth mirror) is an instrument designed primarily for use in Dentistry.

The head of the mirror is usually round to give maximum field of vision without sharp corners that could damage gums, mounted on a long narrow,cylindrical handle, to allow insertion at depth with in the moth and easy rotation through 360 degrees.

The dental mirror has a wide range of uses which include the provision of indirect vision to the dentist to allow vision of the rear and underside of surfaces, reflecting light onto surfaces to improve illumination, and retraction of soft tissues, such as displacement of the internal cheek surfaces away from the jaw line.

Indirect vision is often needed during dental examinations and treatments since direct vision through the open mouth can be difficult or impossible. The posterior (or lingual) surfaces of the anterior maxillary teeth is a notable area where mouth mirrors are often used. Other areas of the mouth can be viewed more readily with the mouth mirror, even though it would be possible to see them if the dentist or dental hygienist adjusted their body into a poor position or insisted on a wider mouth than the patient was happy to provide.

Our Dental Mirrors are also commonly purchased by engineers to allow vision in tight spaces and around corners in equipment and a surprising number have been obtained by carpenters, electricians and even musicians (For inspection of the inside of their stringed instruments!).

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 February, 2010.
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