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Ice Cool Elastic Bandage - 4.5m

Physiotherapy, Ice cool,
elastic cold bandage.
Large size.

8cm width x 4.5M length impregnated 'ice cool' bandage.   LATEX FREE

The 'Ice cool' Bandage provides an effective cooling treatment to help to reduce pain and swelling. The cooling effects of 'Ice Cool' Bandage begins to work in just 10 minutes and can be used to reduce pain and swelling associated with minor muscle sprains or strains, bruising, swelling, rheumatic pain and sports injuries.

Super effective cooling treatment as result of 'ice cool' impregnation; Can result in temperature drop of up to 10oC at site of 'ice cool' bandage application.   

Instant pain relief.  Cools for hours.  Extended 4M length is ideal for injury to knees and thighs, as well as wrists, elbows, ankles and heads.

Combined Cooling and Compression effect bandage.  No refrigeration required, equal cooling effect to the injury.

The  'ice cool' bandage is ideal for first aid kits, sports bags, physiotherapists;  providing super-effective cooling treatment; suitable for bruises, inflammations and sprains

   Also available in Medium size at 2M length
Two-fold, Prooven effect in  the healing process: The combined cooling and compression effect act to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process.
Cooling – The cooling effect of the 'Ice Cool' Bandage leads to a reduction in the size of blood vessels (Vasoconstriction), which results in less blood flowing through the treated area and this leads to reduced swelling and bleeding. In addition, the 'ice cool' properties help to stabilizes collagen, the protein that forms joints in the body.
Compression – When applied correctly, the 'ice cool' bandage provides constant and equal pressure to the injury. This prevents pooling of blood and lymphatic fluid around the injury, reducing the swelling. It is the swelling at an injury that is the cause of much of the associated pain, so reduing the formation of swelling goes a long way to reducing the pain.
Ingredients:   Medical cotton, elasthane, nylon, water, ethanol, camphor, menthol & etheric oils.
For external use only:  Do not apply the  'ice cool' bandage to broken skin, rashes or burns. Do not use during pregnancy or when breast feeding.
Keep away from open wounds, mucous membranes, eyes and children.
Flammable. - Keep away from fire.
Remove impregnated  'ice cool' bandage form package.
Wrap the impregnated  'ice cool' bandage around the affected area, 2 - 3 wraps.
Cut the impregnated  'ice cool' bandage with a pair of scissors, and secure.
Place the remaining  'ice cool' bandage back into the tin and close. Store upright,



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